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All fees must be paid directly to the escort within the first ten minutes of the booking in in Euros only. We regret that we do not accept credit cards, cheques or other foreign currencies.

The hourly rates for each lady can be found on her individual page and on her tour schedule. Our rates are competitively priced and therefore are non-negotiable.

Please remember that you have booked a time slot which must begin on time.

At present too many clients are arriving 30/45 minutes late and expecting the booking to start when they arrive. This results in the lady losing almost half of her 2 hour break between bookings and this is unfair on the ladies as they need time to rest, refresh themselves and to eat. It is also unfair on any other clients that she may have that day. Therefore, no matter what time the client arrives at, the booking must start no later than 15 minutes past the hour.

Please note that you must pay the FULL fee for the time slot that you have pre-booked. Regrettably those clients who change their minds and wish to reduce the number of hours after the booking has started will be charged the full fee. Failure to pay the full amount will result in permanent blacklisting.

CONFIRMATION ON THE DAY Due to the high proportion of no-shows that we have experienced of late, we are now asking all clients to re-confirm their booking by replying to the SMS that we will send you on the morning of the scheduled appointment by 12pm. Failure to confirm will automatically result in the booking being cancelled. Your booking will then be automatically offered to someone on the waiting list.

Please note that we reserve the right to refuse outcalls without giving any explanation. This does not effect your right to see the lady for an incall visit.

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